Another day, another ear infection.

Riley has been up most of the night in pain with his ears… just over a year now Riley’s been getting perforated ear drums & ear infections especially in his right ear.

hes had a number of hearing tests & gromits have been mentioned s number of times but we’re still inpatiently waiting. every few weeks he’s st the doctors with another problem with his little ears. tbh actually the last time I took him just before Christmas they said it wasn’t a perforated ear drum (his ears was clear) she thought it was just a nasty infection but his ear was leaking wax as the same as a perforated eardrum. Riley was in loads of pain and only thing I could give him was calpol..! i mean… what?

but this is just something that might have been coursed by his cancer treatment I honestly don’t know. I know slot of Neuroblastoma children do suffer from bad ears. so maybe it is but also my dad had slot of trouble with his ears when he was younger like Riley. He still has trouble now. So maybe it might be something generic? I honestly don’t know?

well riley is at the doctors on Tuesday after school so hopefully something will be done to get these nasty ears sorted once and for all. can’t carry on like this! not fair on riley to be in so much pain.

anotber day, another infection. surely this can’t go on?

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