Happy 50th Mum🌸

Yesterday my wonderful mum turned 50!

Me and Riley treated her to a lovely afternoon tea at Just grande in Leeds Just Grand Leeds it’s kind of a retro/vintage style. Home made cakes and scones. Was wonderful and my mum really enjoyed herself! So did Riley and Riley’s the hard one to please in somewhere new. We had a selection of sandwiches, a cake each and a lovely scone each aswell. My mum had a glass or roses Prosecco which is my favourite but obviously with me driving I couldn’t have one!

The staff were lovely. It was so busy. They have only had a small number of tables free. People were walking in and been told they only had 45 minutes because all the free tables were reserved for a certain time and I’m not surprised with how nice it was!!!!! Will definitely be taking my mum there again.

My dad also made his first birthday cake for my mum. Bless him. I think it’s funny actually because my mums a wonderful cake baker and maker. I think he did quite well though and my mum was very happy and surprised which is always good!

My dad also took my mum out yesterday evening for a birthday meal at Tharavadures Restaurant where she’s been wanting to go for a while now. Which was another surprised he had arranged.

And, Of course Alice came home for my mums birthday too back from uni. She’s always cold so…. always somebody who’s cold. Haha.

I love my mum. My 50 year old mum. Yeah we argue and sometimes we don’t agree on thinks but she has one of the best hearts around. She will always have a big place in my heart, she’s my bestest friend and I love her. She’s been the most amazing grandma to Riley always there throughout everything from the minute he was born. Throughout his cancer treatment and his number one fan right now! Happy 50th birthday mum! We love you!

x x x x x x x x x x

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