Giving Cancer The Finger. (part2)

In January I wrote a blog Giving Cancer The Finger

Since January a lot has happened for Riley. In May he had grommets fitted because he was constantly getting extremely bad ear infections due to the treatment he had for his cancer. Luckily Riley hasn’t had any ear infections since. No pain, nothing which is absolutely amazing!!!

Two weeks after having his grommets fitted he had his dental surgery which sadly saw Riley loose 10 teeth!!! I cherished his smile so much before he went down to surgery as I know the worst scenario would be for Riley to come out of surgery and have no teeth, the surgeon did warn me! This aswell was due to the aggressive chemotherapy he had to treat his cancer. One thing that upset though was when the surgeon said that Riley needed so many teeth removing was because hes been drinking alot of squash. Even though we always buy the no added sugar…Β Riley was defiantly happy the Tooth Fairy came to visit him and left him some money!

Before Going Down To Surgery.

Recovering Back On The Ward.
New Smile.
The Tooth Fairy Has Been!!!

Riley having his grommets fitted and his teeth out was the one thing that was stopping us from forgetting about cancer.

Forgetting cancer is going to be hard, but by forgetting it it won’t be controlling our lives anymore. It won’t be stopping us from doing things we haven’t done yet! It won’t stop Riley from doing anything he’s already missed out on! So let’s close the door on that part of our lives slam shut and finally wave goodbye.

Now hes had these final two surgeries Riley can FINALLY FORGET CANCER and give it the middle finger! πŸ–•πŸ»

riley, everyday im so proud of you. you are your very own superhero and an inspiration to so many children fighting this battle too. i love you baby boy. mummy x

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