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She was just inconsiderate.

The other Sunday (Fathers Day) we was shopping in Marks and Spencer. Riley saw this Marvel bag for school that he wants for when he starts in Year One in September. Great we’ll get it now whilst were here. Standing in the que waiting to be served Riley is really excited about buying his new bag!

We walk over and give the lady the bag and what she said to Riley i just wasn’t prepared for at all…!

”Shouldn’t you be buying for your daddy” i was so shocked! ”Not everybody has a daddy” i said to her. Riley’s face dropped! All Riley wanted was to get a new bag! I just could not believe her!

i just think its a shocking thing to come out of somebody’s mouth. not every child has a daddy, for all that woman knows Riley dad could have died. Im still absolutely disgusted! She was just so inconsiderate.

She just kept digging and digging herself deeper down the whole.

She then asked Riley ”is this for school then?” Riley said yes for her then to say ”atleast i said something right that time” like shut up women!

One thing i wont be doing again is shopping at that Marks and Spencer’s. I have made a complaint and they’ve have sent Riley gift card to spend. A gift card isn’t going to fix my child’s broken heart that day…

2 thoughts on “She was just inconsiderate.

  1. This is one example of people who think narrowly about the world. I’m sorry Riley was hurt but it sounds like you made it a teachable moment.
    I have been offended by people wishing me a happy Easter (is that a happy holiday?) and when I say I’m Jewish, they don’t seem capable of apologizing and just say it again.
    Isn’t it better to just say, “Have a nice day!” Without imposing your opinions?

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