Coco’s First Competition🏆

Today we took Coco to our local Dog Show where they were doing lots of different competitions.

I entered Coco into 4 different categories which I thought she had a good chance of winning! Waggliest Tail, Prettiest Bitch, Biggest Smile & Kids Cuddliest Companion.

Kids Cuddliest Companion was first. Riley didn’t want to cuddle her so obviously I had to do my best to make Coco have cuddles the best I could! Unfortunately she didn’t win…

Next up was Waggliest Tail! It’s hard to get your dog to wag their tail on demand! Even a lot of attention Coco didn’t want to wag wag wag! Any loss!

After any category and a rest for Coco it was time for Prettiest Bitch!

If Coco was going to win any of come close I wanted it to be this one!

I gave Coco lots of cuddles and kisses and she sat and looked absolutely gorgeous along with all the other beautiful bitches! Time for the results!🤭

Coco came third!! She looked so happy too with her result!! Smiling away with all the other beautiful winners! I was extremely happy too!!!🥉🥉🥉

We missed the Biggest Smile because we was having a drink! Never mind! We already can’t wait for the next dog show!

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