🎗A Film About Riley! CCAM #ablogaday #day3

As September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, Alice, Rileys Auntie decided to share her graduate archive film following Riley, her nephew on his cancer journey.
Riley was just 21 months old when we got the devastating news that he was going to have to face the biggest battle of his life. He was always the happiest little chappy playing at home and suddenly his world was turned upside down and the hospital ward became his new home.
He never once let this stop him though and he continued to battle on. Treatment after treatment and the way he was improving was like he was becoming his own little superhero, his spirit and determination to fight cancer was an inspiration to everyone that met him.
Eventhough he had troll accounts on twitter use his image and say “Cancer is funny because people like Riley Hoult die” the amount of support he gained from celebrities, strangers and friends and family alike was unbelieveable.
Don’t get me wrong there were also days when it was difficult to see Riley however seeing his smile and hearing his laugh was enough to pull everyone through it.
He was so unaware of the battle he was fighting and with the treatment of the hospital and the support of all the NHS staff he pulled through and beat cancer.
He’s over 2 years in remission for Neuroblastoma cancer now and Alice considers herself to be very lucky that she get to see her best friend everyday, to hear him laugh and make him smile. But, sadly, there are still children being diagnosed every day with some form of childhood cancer, but I hope that Riley’s journey and this film might bring a little bit of inspiration or hope to a family that needs it most.
Nobody should ever have to hear the news that a loved one has cancer, but together we can beat cancer!

Please click the link before to see Rileys Film.

Rileys Film

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