🎗Cute Bald Children… CCAM #ablogaday #day4

Childhood Cancer isn’t just cute bald children… It’s been sat in a room with an oncology doctor & getting told your child has cancer.

Then it’s pinning them down whilst doctors & nurses try take bloods from their ‘wiggly lines’. Its weekly sleepovers at the hospital for treatments that make them feel worse. It’s the same four walls as your child is in isolation as they are too poorly to fight off an infection. It’s all the sick. Packing for a weeks stay in hospital but staying for 2 weeks. It’s seeing them loose their gorgeous hair as the chemotherapy works. Then it’s kissing their bald heads as they’re crying whilst they’re getting hooked onto treatment or fluids. It’s waking up once you finally go to sleep to the sound of the alarm off the IV machine. It’s holding them down to place a new NG Tube every time they have sicked one up. It’s the hair change. The colour in their skin change. It’s the smiles they loose. It’s the months you have stolen from you.

Its the nurses that visit your home to do bloods. It’s the ‘magic milk’ they get used to seeing and knowing it’s time to go to sleep to have tests & scans done. It’s kissing then goodbye as they go down to theatre and sitting as a family as you all worry with heartache. Its the anxiety and stress an oncology parent faces during and after treatment.

It’s hard to explain what childhood cancer is. Some of the hardest days I wouldn’t want to relive…

But childhood cancer happens, it happened to my son!



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