🎗A note for my sons teacher. CCAM #ablogaday #day5

First day back to School for Riley after the summer holidays.
I know how lucky i am that Riley is starting year one today. Childhood Cancer is meant to be rare and for whatever reason Riley is one in the 500 children to be diagnosed. Rileys survial rate was 40% and the treatment Riley reciveced was so aggresive.

Riley is a lucky one. I know a number of parents who will not be able to post their first school picture or back to school picture this year. I know families who would give anything to put their childs name on a uniform, pack a lunch box and give their child a kiss as they walk into the classroom door. To those families, my heart is always with you.
Today my eyes will full with tears again as i am so proud to walk Riley into his new classroom door. A new school year, a new chapter. Riley class dont know what Riley has been through when he was younger, the school do and his teachers but most of his friends dont. I have to remember they are only 5-6 years old. They wont understand. Dont get me wrong ive told some of his friends mums but it took me a while because i ddint want them to stop their child from playing with Riley and i know i shouldnt have felt like that. Its the normal life that scares me for Riley. The thought of him not been able to do what other children might be able too because of the treatment Riley had. Riley is starting year one 2 years into remission and on no treatment!

To my sons new teacher, you have my son in your class, he survived cancer. He has had to fight more them you could imagine.

In just 5 years old his life my son has experienced:
⦁ Pain from surgery and many procedures.
⦁ Many hickmen lines inserted into his chest.
⦁ 100 of hospital appointments.
⦁ Extreme tiredness and sickness because of the chemotherapy.
⦁ Session after session of chemotherapy that has killed adults.
⦁ Reduced mobility.
⦁ Many sleepovers at the hospital because of infection.
⦁ Controlled diet.
⦁ Only having adult company.
⦁ Regular temperature checks and medication at home.
⦁ Not been able to do what a child my age would have been able to do.
⦁ Been stared at because i didnt have any hair.

Riley has seen me cry, seen our family cry and seen our frustration when people dont understand Riley… At one point when Riley was so sick i have been so scared to look to the future. My life is different to what i wanted it to be. I am over protective! I want you to know about my sons illness because he had suffered so much already.
Despite all this, Riley wants to enjoy the normal life. He enjoys life now, laughing and smiling, running around, playing games and building new things. He wants to do everthing another child his age wants to do. I want to wrap Riley up in cotton wool and keep him at home with me but i cant.

So to the teachers, staff and kids at school heres to an amazing 2018/19. And to my own superhero Riley, good luck babe, i love you!

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