🎗 All those side effects too… CCAM #ablogaday day13

img_4455Side Effects!!! There another thing to worry about!!
Riley had a number of nasty side effects. he had so many infections, his skin changed, his hair fell out. diarrhoea, his taste changed, PAIN, sickness, mobility issues, hearing problems, mucositis, became neutropenic and dental problem.
Riley suffered with really bad mucositis when he had his stem cell transplant which sometimes cause him difficulty swallowing. We used to have to swab all the mucus and thick saliva away, we came abit of a pro at it towards the end. He wasn’t able to eat or drink much either in this part of his treatment so having the mucositis made it a lot worse.
When Riley first started his chemotherapy he became Neutropenic which is common as the chemotherapy kills the cancer cells but it also kills the healthy cells too! Neutropenia can also put you at risk of life threatening infections like sepsis! Riley got sepsis and spent 5 days in Intensive Care! Once Riley’s temperature would hit above 38 degrees it meant it was time to get in the car and make a trip to the ward ready for Riley to be hooked up to IV antibiotics again. You think once your discharged from hospital that’s it but as soon as that temperature spike it was straight back to the hospital again.
Riley has suffered badly with his mobility because of all the treatment, he cant walk far. We now have to use a wheelchair as he gets tired from walking and he gets pain in his legs. He tries to keep up with his friends as much as he can, he doesn’t let this stop him from jumping around and having fun at his favourite play area!
And as you know Riley not long ago had 10 teeth out because of the chemotherapy. We wont know until his adult teeth start to show if they will have rotten away as well. Like everything else we will deal with it when it comes too it!
Riley’s taste changed so much! He adored Yorkshire puddings and couldn’t wait for Grandma to bring him some too the hospital on a Sunday! He loves ice cream, cakes and all the sweet stuff but he grow a massive love for FRUIT! We was always running backwards and forwards to the kitchen for bananas and apples for him!
Even though Riley has had many problems he has taken it all on with a smile, he’s laughed, he’s enjoyed life and he’s filled so many people with hope!
I’ve asked Riley consultant a few times what other side effect might he have in a few years and Liver, Kidney and Heart problems are a possibility. Also Fertility problems which we will deal with when it comes to that.
#CCAM #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth #GlowGold #GoGold #BeChildhoodCancerAware

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