🎗 A harsh realities. CCAM #ablogaday day15

41632256_10156728630939901_6926449335412457472_nFor those of you struggling with the harsh realities of childhood cancer I am posting this month. I am sorry but there’s no real way to dress it up and make it look pretty.. Childhood cancer can’t be glittered up.

Some media portray our children as happy smiling bad children usually with a good outcome but the reality of children with cancer is much darker. We’ve had lovely’s stories shared about Riley in the media and some nasty ones!

Here are a list of articles about my beautiful boy:


Daily Mail

Daily Star

ITV Calendar

Yorkshire Evening Post

Yorkshire Evening Post Trolling Second Time

Yorkshire Post


Yorkshire Evening Post Cancer Free

Yorkshire Evening Post First Trolling


People forget to mention the lifelong side effects children who survive cancer will have. The whole of Childhood cancer is not pretty, the children aren’t always happy and smiling!

I for one try not to sugarcoat the trust just to make people feel more comfortable. Don’t get me wrong I try and share the happier pictures of Riley because I know people can be upset but I’m starting to share more bad pictures of Riley through his cancer journey. The pictures of him in pain, the pictures of him crying!

As awful as it sounds, but it’s the honest truth, it might be your child next, or your friends! There’s barely any research into childhood cancer, into new friendly treatments! My child, your child, everyone’s child needs the research to be done! Childhood cancer is on the up!

Help us and be part of the solution…

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