🎗 None of us were cancer parents at one point. CCAM #ablogaday day17


It has been said that you don’t need to put your hand in a fire to know it will hurt. Just as you can pretty much assume that you don’t have to have your child get cancer to empathise and know it would literally be the most heartbreaking thing you’ll ever experience.

There’s this pain you get, physical pain in your stomach. It’s like a knot. A sick feeling that you can’t get rid off. It starts when you hear the word ‘cancer’ and honestly it never leaves you.

When you have kids, they are your entire world. The thought of them having cancer and suffering is heartbreaking to most. 1 in 285 children will get it. It’s not as rare of doctors make out.

Inaction, is not action! Nobody has ever changed anything by doing nothing or sitting back and letting others do the graft! As a parent, it’s our job to advocate. It’s our job to be a voice for our children.

I hope if you read my blog, you think about them. I hope you know I am not doing this for myself but for others yet to embark on this shitstorm of a journey!

It’s too late for me, my child has already had the horrible treatment currently been other to children. Some chemotherapy drugs are 50 years old. Many treatment protocols haven’t changed for years! 11 children are still diagnosed with cancer a day. Statistically 2 of those will die.

It’s 2018! This is not acceptable!

Maybe we can make a change for your children though? Maybe our voices shouting for a change can bring kinder treatments ones that won’t potentially kill them would be a start!

Doing nothing… changes nothing!

Awareness is key!

Tomorrow it might be you sitting in A&E with your child hearing the words ‘your child has cancer’.

None of us was cancer parents at one point you know…


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