🎗 A new world. CCAM #ablogaday day18

When you hear the words “Your child has cancer” it changed your life forever.

You enter a whole new world.

The first time on the ward, been shown around. The parents of the children that are already having treatment can spot a newbies a mile away! The look in your eyes. When you hear people laughing you get confused, laughing on a children’s cancer ward? What’s to laugh about?

Before you know it, you’ve settled into your new life. Because as much as we hate it to be this is our new life, we have to ‘get used to it’. You start to learn a new language, platelets, haemoglobin levels, neutropenia. The hello to another parents in the family kitchen turns into an update on each other child. You’ve made friends, friends that understand you, understand your pain and anger.

One thing I didn’t do was get less worried about tests and scans. I still got the same paranoia, the same worry.

You fall in love with other children on the ward, you watch them fight, you watch them laugh. Taking it all on like true superheroes. You think positive seeing the children laughing and smiling. These children are going through hell but get excited when the playroom door opens and they can play. It gives you hope that your child can still enjoy things even though their going through hell!

And you do laugh, every day. Laugh with your child and the staff.

You love the staff that care for your child. The amazing nurses that take amazing care of your child. The care assistants that will do absolutely anything for your child! The housekeeper your child love and can’t wait to see. The doctor that you admire and trust. The physios that help your child walk again. The pharmacists that get all your child’s medication ready to take home. The kitchen staff, the play team, the family support team that sit with your child whilst you have a shower or run for a coffee.

The families on the ward, they are the only ones that know what you’re going through.

We have to remember when we’re going theough hell, we have to keep going!

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