🎗 The new you. CCAM #ablogaday day18

I think in many ways I was born the day Riley was diagnosed with cancer. I know I had to grow up quick for a 20 year old.

The world falls silent around you. Everything was shut out, what was on tv, that extra tenner. It awakens suffering and the awareness to what’s actually important in life. The new you begins that day.

  • The things a cancer parent knows:
    • Children can get cancer. Riley was just 21 months when he was diagnosed.
      The chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgeries, blood transfusion all seem like yesterday even though it was 2 years ago.
      You never forget, it’s attached to your memory forever.
      It’s the most heartbreaking thing in the world been told your child has cancer.
      Babies can be born with cancer. It’s highly likely Riley was!
      Toddlers can throw a tantrum whilst having cancer.
      Children can handle higher doses of chemotherapy then adults.
      Children can still play whilst pulling an IV pole whilst having chemotherapy.
      The treatment is all awful. There’s not easy way to explain it.
      We’ve all heard of radioactive urine.
      You can actually sleep sitting up! You never really sleep in the hospital anyways… beep beep beep.
      Nothing in your life is more important then getting your child well again!!
      A mothers love knows no bounds.
      You’ll never forget the smooth bald head against your check.
      Or when their hair starts growing back! I’ll never forget the seeing the first few pure blonde hairs.
      No matter how long your child has been in remission every ache and pain will remind you that the cancer can come back!

    Children never give up. Neither do the parents.

    September is childhood cancer awareness month.

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