🎗Do we hide the truth? CCAM #ablogaday

It strikes me that many aspects of children’s cancer are hidden from the general public, swept under the carpet because the truth is sometimes too awful to comprehend.

You know it’s actually worse than your worst nightmare. It’s just impossible to get your head around the fact that you child has cancer! It’s confusing at first. But, before you know if your an expert!

I was reminded of something recently that’s not often mentioned. The fact that our children are actually poked and prodded like bloody pin cushions with needles. They get covered in bruises which look awful at times, like tracks right up their arms.

Just imagine seeing your child like that. Covered in bruises from attempts at taking blood samples and just constant needles! They have blood draws, cannulas, ports, Hickman lines, feeding tubes, gastric tubes, bone marrow aspirates, injections & everything else!!

The children’s veins can collapse, often doctors can’t find viable veins. If the blood needs taking, it needs taking.

The thing I hated was when Riley needed to have G-CSF Infection as soon as he saw the nurse come in he’d know what it was for. It was painful for him. Made him scream in agony. It hurt him of course he was going to scream! Holding Riley’s legs firmly still so the nurse could do the injection stills sticks with me, I can hear his screams. The pain in his face. Things like this will never leave me.

Still, every different treatment Riley knee he needed it and didn’t complain.

See I have a massive fear of needles! Bet I sound like a bloody hypocrite… I watched Riley get prodded and poked constantly for 16 months. Some of the needles they can use on the children can be massive!

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