๐ŸŽ—N E U R O B L A S T O M A. CCAM #ablogaday

As September is coming to an end soon, I ask you please to read this…

As you might know Riley was sadly diagnosed with Stage4 HighRisk Neuroblastoma in November 2014 he was only 21months! Nearly 4 years ago!

When Riley was diagnosed we was told he had a 40% chance of survival and the cancer was in his abdomen, where it started & then spread to all different areas of his little body, his skull, face & bone marrow. Riley had 90 days of chemotherapy. Just over 5 hours in surgery which was successful! He had his stem cells harvested. Followed by high dose chemotherapy that can kill some adults… he then had his own stem cells back in which coursed him to be incredibly poorly! He spent 5 days in intensive care. We spent 9 weeks in hospital during that time. After that Riley had 14 sessions of radiotherapy. Finally immunotherapy and antibody treatment this lasted 6 months.

On the 21st March 2016 we was told Riley was in remission! Heโ€™s now been in remission for just over 2 years!! AMAZING!!! ๐ŸŽ—

Riley recently started year one and is enjoying a life as a ‘normal’ child now. He has a rescan on October 5th!! Were hoping he is still in remission!

Raising awareness is so important! The signs and symptoms need to be recognised!

Before Riley was diagnosed.

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