🎄Christmas favourites? #blogmas

Quality Street or Celebrations? Mine is definitely celebrations the more the better!!!

Christmas movie to watch? The Santa Claus definitely! Or nativity they both make me laugh so much.

Egg nog or mulled wine? Probably mulled wine?

Brussel sprouts or pigs in blanket? Both!!! I love sprouts have to admit that.

Tinsel or fairy lights? The more tinsel the better I say!!!

Mince pies or Christmas pudding? Mince pies, not keen on Christmas pudding.

Gingerbread or shortbread? How can I decide that?

Rudolf or Blitzen? Rudolf!!

Holiday or Love Actually? Never seen them so….

Christmas tradition? New pjs on Christmas Eve and McDonald’s for tea.

Song? Stop The Cavalry.

Food? Pigs in blankets definitely!!!!!!!!

Board games? We don’t play board games unfortunately.

Top of the tree? Star!

Wrapping, giving or getting presents? Wrapping and giving. Love seeing people’s faces.

Christmas Eve? Film night with Riley.

Presents or Christmas breakfast? Presents!!

Roast potatoes or mashed? Roastiessss.

Card games or tv specials? Tv specials!

Bought all your presents? YES! Finally.

Watched a Christmas movie? Lots. Currently watch Rudolf the red nose reindeer 1998.

Wore a Christmas jumper? Too many times.

Had a night out? Nope!

Eaten Christmas food? Hmmm.. what haven’t I eaten.

Favourite part of Christmas? Opening presents.

Least favourite part of Christmas? Eating too much.

On the naughty or nice list? Naughty.

Favourite part of 2018 was? Riley reaching 2 years in remission!!!!

Wish for 2019? Our own house.

Most excited to give presents to? Riley definitely 🤫

Good most excited to eat? Christmas dinnnnner.

Favourite night of Christmas week? Christmas Eve obv.

Person most excited to see? Riley

Favourite thing to do on Christmas? Open presents with Riley and get fat!

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