Your 2018 in 100 words.


I have learnt so much.

I’ve learnt the true meaning of friendship and I think I’m filling trying to learn how to let things go.

We didn’t give the Neuroblastoma the attention it wanted. We have dealt with the side effects, but we don’t let it stop us anymore. We have laughed and loved more. I think we are finally starting to move on.

I have lost a friend but I made the most wonderful friend who has 3 beautiful children who me and Riley have made some great memories with.

Riley started Year one in and we got our first dog, Coco!

We celebrated 2 full years in remission!! & 2 beautiful clear boring scans. No sign of cancer!

Can you sum up your 2018 in just 100 words? Make sure you tag me so I can read your blog!

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