Slimming World | Week Two | January

If you saw my previous slimming world post you will know that I am sharing my weight loss journey with you this year. Each week hoping the scales will be good to me!!!

I’ve really tried to up my speed food this week by making sure I’m snacking on speed fruits when I’m hungry. Late night snacking has been a thing for me this week.. I’m starving at 11pm before I head to bed so I’ve either been saving my bchoice and having a sandwich or making sure I’m having an apple and an orange.

I think I was actually quite good this weekend too. Didn’t really have all my syns like I would have.

It’s been even harder this week for me because Riley has to have a full fat diet now. I was told by his oncologist to give him deserts after his tea too so I went out and bought lots of little cakes and buns for him to have after his tea. Making them for him has been hard.. I’ve had a little nibble here and there but obviously I’ve wanted to eat the full thing!!! The things we do to be a size 10 urgh.

So last week I lost 1.5lbs! Wasn’t as much as I wanted but it was a loss!

This week I really wanted to loose 3lbs!!

But I lost a shitty half a pound!!

I’m fumming and I’m really not happy!

I guess it’s still a loss though and not a gain.


2 thoughts on “Slimming World | Week Two | January

  1. Yes, a loss is a loss! I know it can feel like “why the hell am I putting myself through this!” but the trick is to hang on in there… I’m good at giving advise but terrible at doing these things myself! Good on you for sticking to it! X

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