Slimming World | Week Three | January

So last week I lost a rubbish half a pound. I mean was there any point me trying last week because I really did try!

So this week I bought Slimming World meals from Iceland and I planned to have them. But, I ended up treating myself to a takeaway on Friday night and Saturday night and also Wednesday night! I mean really Sophie really? What was I even thinking? Totally failed this week. But I told you I was going to be honest with you and I am been.

But the meals that haven’t been a takeaway have been surprisingly good.

So this week the scales said….. id LOST 2lbs!

I cant believe it, honestly, I just cant. I wasn’t well this morning though so maybe it was because of that?

Im going out this weekend for a meal and to the cinema to watch Glass. So im going to be good on Friday and have a few chocolates and then my treat day is Saturday and that’s it back on plan on Sunday! I don’t want to be this size forever.

4 thoughts on “Slimming World | Week Three | January

  1. Reblogged this on Tabytha's Universe and commented:
    I just wanted to share this. Trying to stick to an eating plan so that we reach our goal is tough, we know this – if it was easy everyone would be at their perfect weight! I’m certainly not!

    But, it’s posts like this that not only inspire me to keep going but also prove that if I put in the effort I WILL be rewarded. I’m working towards a loss at next week’s Slimming World weigh in.

    Thanks Sophie for sharing your weight loss journey with us!

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