About Us.

Hello! And welcome to my blog…

My name is Sophie and I live in Leeds. I am pizza obsessed and absolutely love singing in the car. I have a beautiful crazzzzy son called Riley and a gorgeous shihtzu called Coco.

I started this blog in January 2017, after a few of my friends telling me I should stat blogging about Riley’s cancer journey, making new memories and actually forgetting about cancer. I like to use the time I spend on the internet blogging about the highs and lows of being a Mum. After all we all know their isn’t just highs to parenting. Of course you might even see the daily moan….

Riley is now 5 years old and a massive cheese lover. He adores to make people laugh and is always ready to learn something new. He has recently taken a love for dancing, Roblox and playing on his Nintendo Switch. Riley is currently in year one at school and even though he’s not too keen on being at school he loves being with his friends!

Coco turned 1 in October 2018 and is a massive hyper fluff ball. She is the dog version of Riley definitely. She loves playing at 11 at night and going for long walks in the afternoon. She will sit and wait for Riley to finish school and gives him the biggest cuddle once he’s home. They are the best of friends.


I’m sure we have lot of blogs that show the beautiful side of being a parent, all the Instagram accounts full of smiley well behaved children, I want to show that there is two sides to parents, the good and the hard. Sometimes the hard being the worst, for us that was and still is sometimes cancer.
We have been lucky enough for all the social media support we have been given, Kim Kardashian tweeted her love and support towards Riley when he was diagnosed with Cancer. We’ve done stories for our local news paper – Yorkshire Evening Post, have been on ITV Calendar news, Mirror, Daily Star, Mail Online, Daily Mail, Yorkshire Post, Express, Radio Aire and Metro.


For more of our day to day life go and like our Facebook Page Rileys Journey Im also planning on starting a Youtube channel and vlogging more like days out, hopsital visits as Riley is wanting to start his own youtube channel too! 

Love Sophie and Riley x