Daily Life

She was just inconsiderate.

The other Sunday (Fathers Day) we was shopping in Marks and Spencer. Riley saw this Marvel bag for school that he wants for when he starts in Year One in September. Great we’ll get it now whilst were here. Standing in the que waiting to be served Riley is really excited about buying his new bag!

We walk over and give the lady the bag and what she said to Riley i just wasn’t prepared for at all…!

”Shouldn’t you be buying for your daddy” i was so shocked! ”Not everybody has a daddy” i said to her. Riley’s face dropped! All Riley wanted was to get a new bag! I just could not believe her!

i just think its a shocking thing to come out of somebody’s mouth. not every child has a daddy, for all that woman knows Riley dad could have died. Im still absolutely disgusted! She was just so inconsiderate.

She just kept digging and digging herself deeper down the whole.

She then asked Riley ”is this for school then?” Riley said yes for her then to say ”atleast i said something right that time” like shut up women!

One thing i wont be doing again is shopping at that Marks and Spencer’s. I have made a complaint and they’ve have sent Riley gift card to spend. A gift card isn’t going to fix my child’s broken heart that day…

Weigt Loss

๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ Slimming World – Week One

So last week I joined slimming world for the second time & last time.

I knew I had to do a plan I knew I was going to stick too! So I did a meal plan for 6 days, including snacks!!

I measured out my milk everyday. 300ml of 1% fat milk I could have every day. I even measured out the salad cream I was having with my salads etc.

I wanted to loose as much as I could in my first week and I did push myself to do that! I wanted to prove that I could do it!

I stuck to doing SP days! Only allowing myself to eat nothing but speed food. So anything that had a S symbol next to them I had!

I wrote a list of food that I love off the speed food. Lettuce, cucumber, carrot, spinach, strawberries, apples, watermelon, broccoli and cauliflower!

I was having either 2 x hifi bars or weetabix for breakfast, salad for my dinner or a sandwich and slimming world meals for my tea on a night with vegetables. Afterwards I was having all the speed fruit!!

I was absolutely dreading getting on the scales this morning at my group! I was so nervous! I felt sick! I didn’t want to go!

I stood on the scales and I lost…


6 bloody pounds!!! I could not believe it!!

Me loosing 6 pounds in one week? I actually did it! I smashed my first week doing slimming world and I couldn’t be anymore proud of myself!!!

I’m going to be honest and write a blog every week and tell you all how I’m getting on. Becoming healthier and happier! Becoming more confident! Better life for me means a better mummy for Riley!

Cancer Life

Giving Cancer The Finger. (part2)

In January I wrote a blog Giving Cancer The Finger

Since January a lot has happened for Riley. In May he had grommets fitted because he was constantly getting extremely bad ear infections due to the treatment he had for his cancer. Luckily Riley hasn’t had any ear infections since. No pain, nothing which is absolutely amazing!!!

Two weeks after having his grommets fitted he had his dental surgery which sadly saw Riley loose 10 teeth!!! I cherished his smile so much before he went down to surgery as I know the worst scenario would be for Riley to come out of surgery and have no teeth, the surgeon did warn me! This aswell was due to the aggressive chemotherapy he had to treat his cancer. One thing that upset though was when the surgeon said that Riley needed so many teeth removing was because hes been drinking alot of squash. Even though we always buy the no added sugar…ย Riley was defiantly happy the Tooth Fairy came to visit him and left him some money!

Before Going Down To Surgery.

Recovering Back On The Ward.
New Smile.
The Tooth Fairy Has Been!!!

Riley having his grommets fitted and his teeth out was the one thing that was stopping us from forgetting about cancer.

Forgetting cancer is going to be hard, but by forgetting it it won’t be controlling our lives anymore. It won’t be stopping us from doing things we haven’t done yet! It won’t stop Riley from doing anything he’s already missed out on! So let’s close the door on that part of our lives slam shut and finally wave goodbye.

Now hes had these final two surgeries Riley can FINALLY FORGET CANCER and give it the middle finger! ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿป

riley, everyday im so proud of you. you are your very own superhero and an inspiration to so many children fighting this battle too. i love you baby boy. mummy x

Daily Life

Ive realised!

A few weeks ago I posted a blog asking what a true friend was. https://justsophandriley.blog/2018/04/09/what-is-a-true-friend/

Well after many many many arguments with my ‘friend’ and so much disappointment I’ve realised I’m done. I was done a long time ago but been the person I am I gave them another chance to prove me and everybody else wrong. They just proved us all right.

I feel like I’m honestly changing, I’m 24. I’m an adult. I don’t need the childish friendships that they are wanting. I’m finally getting my shit together and it feels good!

I have made so much effort with them and haven’t gotten anything in return apart from upset. It does hurt, of course it’s going to hurt. We’ve been ‘friends’ for an unlucky 13 years. But I’m making this decision because of their actions and I’m not sorry.

They have been horrible to me. Honestly they have done me a favour now. I can realise what I do actually want in a friend and what I N E V E R want again. I don’t need somebody who is this toxic. They’ve taken so much of my emotional energy from me. Life is too short to have people treat you the way you don’t treat them. I wouldn’t do to them what they have me. Life is too short to surround yourself with people who don’t have your best interests at heart. Your best friend should be your biggest fan. They shouldn’t be nasty too you or nasty about you. There’s enough people out there that can be nasty to you, your best friend and your friendship group should not be one of those people. Surround yourself with people who raise and praise you.

I met up with one of my friends I’ve known since primary school. We went too our kids favourite play areas and you know what it was really nice to sit down and have a double c (coffee&chat) about the kids, school, mummy life, clothes and the celeb gossip! It was actually lovely to spend time with somebody who actually enjoyed my company.

My friend has not long had a baby boy. It was lovely to have some baby snuggles too which is always a bonus! The kids all played together nicely and we even arranged another day trip out! We used to always hang out not long after I had Riley as they only used to live down the street from us. When Riley got poorly obviously all my attention was on him and I put my social life aside when they have always understood!

It’s nice to know that I do have friends. Friends I don’t have to speak too everyday. When I’m with them I know I am wanted.

I’m taking massive steps in my life to change. To be a better person. To be a stronger person.

Be picky with your clothes, friend & time.

Daily Life

23 things Iโ€™ve learned in 23 years.

Tomorrow I will be turning 24!

23 was definitely a great year for me. I passed my driving test. Riley’s reached a 2 in remission. I discovered I actually like muscles (fish). Riley saw paw patrol live. I laughed a lot more. I discovered I’m dyslexic. Riley started Reception. I’ve experienced so much in 23 years โ€“ the good, the bad, the ugly, and the wonderful.

So, Im sharing whatever I think I’ve learnt during my 23 years on this planet we call home. But, I know I still have a thousand more things to be learnt.

So here it is a list of things I’ve learnt in 20212223 years…

  1. Your mother will always be there for you no matter how many arguments you will have she will always be there.
  2. Don’t take social media so seriously it’s not about how many likes you get.
  3. Singing alone in the car can fix a lot of things. Who doesn’t love a good karaoke car?
  4. Sometimes you just need to let things go. Not really forgive and forget but accept that you can’t do anything and just move on.
  5. You’re capable of so much more then you think. Try new things you’ll see.
  6. Most things aren’t worth getting upset about after all it’ll all be forgotten about in a day or two.
  7. People will likely talk about you behind your back but it doesn’t mean they don’t care.
  8. Spend money wisely. Save as much as you can you never know when you might need it for an emergency.
  9. Sometimes bad things happen to good people we can’t change it.
  10. Different doesn’t mean better or worse, it means different! Nobody’s the same.
  11. Say no to people when you have too, you have to take care of yourself.
  12. Surround yourself with positive people.
  13. If you feel like something needs to be said, say it! Don’t let things eat away in your mind.
  14. Stand up for yourself. Don’t let people treat you like rubbish.
  15. Make sure the important people in your life know their important. Check in on them. Don’t take people for granted they won’t always be around.
  16. Sometimes people only want to know you because of what you have not because of you as a person.
  17. Take things one day at a time. Don’t stress too much about the future whatever happens, happens.
  18. Everything happens for a reason, it makes you the person you are today.
  19. Smile and laugh more. Laughing definitely makes you feel better.
  20. Always be yourself, you don’t need to try and fit in.
  21. Take lots of pictures! They make great memories in years to come.
  22. Always apply primer before foundation.
  23. Always set more then 1 alarm for the morning. If you dont hear the first one im pretty sure you might just hear the 5th one!