Cancer Story.

Riley was only 21 months when he was diagnosed with Stage4 High Risk Neuroblastoma. A highly aggressive form of childhood cancer. Riley’s treatment lasted for 16 months and were proud to say he has now been in remission for 21 months.

Before Riley was diagnosed I took him to our GP a number of times over his eyes. I was told it was a eye infection, second time it was a cyst. Riley started to loose alot of weight, he wasn’t eating, he was sleeping & crying alot. I decided to take Riley to be weighed with the Health Visitor to make sure everything was okay. That morning Riley’s nose was bleeding. I was told it was best to take him to A&E so i did. In A&E was saw an eye specialist who took a look at Riley’s eye and once again i was told it was a cyst. We needed to stay in hospital for Riley to have some medicine through an Iv as he wasn’t eating. After 3 days we was discharged and sent home with an appointment to see another children’s eye specialist.

Riley’s eyes the day seeing the Eye Specialist.

We must have been in the room with the eye specialist 2 minutes before he said Riley needed to go for an urgent MRI as Riley’s eye was popping out of his socket. So we headed back to the hospital & waited for the MRI.

The day after Riley had his MRI i told the results no parent would ever wish to receive.

My gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyed boy had cancer. Treatment begun straight away. What people was telling me was a cyst, was infact a tumour. Riley went to surgery and the tumour under his eyelid was removed it was 4cms long. He also had a hick men line fitted. Riley then started his first chemotherapy cycle a week after. The following 16 months was filled with aggressive treatments with aggressive effects. He was sent to ICU twice during this time.

Riley starting Reception, September 2017

Riley has nearly been in remission for 2 years in march 2018.