🎗CCAM. Will you help raise awareness.

Today in the UK 12 children were diagnosed with cancer. Would you believe that?

Every day worldwide, 820 children are diagnosed with cancer. How is that possible?

Will you help raise awareness?


🎗 CCAM. A new school year.

When Riley was diagnosed with cancer, the thought of him never going to school crossed my mind, my heart ached thinking about him never walking through the school gates and making friends like a ‘normal’ child.

We was told his survival rate was only about 40%. School just wasn’t something we was aiming towards. Completing the treatment plan and getting Riley into remission was the most important goal!

But today Riley walked into YEAR2!!! Year2 already! I honestly can’t believe it! The years are just going by so fast and Riley is growing up so quickly. He makes us all so proud, we’re hoping for another great year at school. But honestly, If I could stop time I would and keep him at home with me for longer…

We had one of Rileys friends round during the holidays, they were playing with each other when Riley said to his friend “I had cancer, but I’m normal now.” I had to laugh. He knows he was poorly, he knows he had cancer nobody will ever hide that from him. If he asks questions they will be answered.

I just love how honest and upfront Riley is sometimes! He did have cancer, he’s a superhero 🦸🏻‍♂️

🎗CCAM. I didn’t think, cancer.

Even when Riley wasn’t eating and sleeping a lot, I didn’t think cancer.

When I was taking Riley to the doctors for 3 weeks in a row, i didn’t think cancer.

When me and my mum took him to the emergency doctors, we didn’t think cancer.

When Rileys eye was swollen, we didn’t think cancer.

When we was sitting in the A&E with Riley waiting to see the doctor, we didn’t think cancer.

When Riley spent 3 days in the hospital on antibiotics and fluids, i didn’t think cancer.

When Riley had a eye test and got sent to the hospital for a CT scan, i didn’t think cancer.

When I was sitting in a room with Riley on my knee been told that they had found a lump on the CT scan, I didn’t think cancer.

When Riley had test after test after test, I didn’t think cancer.

Until it was…

When we were sat in a room meeting the oncologist team and nurses, I didn’t want it to be cancer.

When Riley was having an anaesthetic for the first time, I didn’t want it to be cancer.

When Riley was having a Hickman line placed into his chest, I didn’t want it to be cancer.

When we were admitted onto the children’s oncology ward, I didn’t want it to be cancer.

When you notice all the bald children on the ward and wonder why your child is there, I didn’t want it to be cancer.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Please educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of Childhood Cancer!

#gogold #ccam #glowgold 🎗

🎗Childhood Cancer Awareness Month #CCAM 🎗

Today is the start of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Something we never thought we would truly know so much about…

28 November 2014 we got the most devastating news that Riley, our beautiful blue eyed boy had Neuroblastoma. It was so hard to see Riley in pain, getting pumped with chemotherapy, having operations, throwing up, loosing his beautiful blonde hair, looking pale & wires connected too him nearly 24 hours a day!

Everybody gets told Childhood Cancer is RARE! Well it isn’t!!! You wouldn’t believe the amount of children a year that sadly got diagnosed with a form of Childhood Cancer…

Here is a picture of Riley the day after he was diagnosed and one last week! The more awareness we can get throughout September the better.

🎗🎗💛 💛

🎗Goodbye September. CCAM. #ablogaday

So September has passed us by,

The month is nearly done.

We thank you all for going gold,

Each and every one.

We weren’t here to scare you,

We don’t want to annoy.

We simply like to spread the word,

To help your girl or boy.

We sprinkled awareness everywhere,

Shared the stories of those we love.

We’ve Glowed and we’ve sparkled,

To show the hope that we dream of.

For the children who are in pain,

For our babies suffering.

For the parents clinging onto hope,

Why? they are wondering.

For the Angels up in heaven,

We must never stop believing

That one day everyone will know

And they’ll be no more grieving.

So now you know.

You’ve learnt a lot.

Children are suffering,

Much more than you thought.

But for us it won’t be over,

We’re aware every single day.

Please keep spreading glitter,

In each and every way.

For us, our courageous children,

Are far more precious than gold.

For us all we truly want,

Is for our children to grow old.