🎄Christmas favourites? #blogmas

Quality Street or Celebrations? Mine is definitely celebrations the more the better!!!

Christmas movie to watch? The Santa Claus definitely! Or nativity they both make me laugh so much.

Egg nog or mulled wine? Probably mulled wine?

Brussel sprouts or pigs in blanket? Both!!! I love sprouts have to admit that.

Tinsel or fairy lights? The more tinsel the better I say!!!

Mince pies or Christmas pudding? Mince pies, not keen on Christmas pudding.

Gingerbread or shortbread? How can I decide that?

Rudolf or Blitzen? Rudolf!!

Holiday or Love Actually? Never seen them so….

Christmas tradition? New pjs on Christmas Eve and McDonald’s for tea.

Song? Stop The Cavalry.

Food? Pigs in blankets definitely!!!!!!!!

Board games? We don’t play board games unfortunately.

Top of the tree? Star!

Wrapping, giving or getting presents? Wrapping and giving. Love seeing people’s faces.

Christmas Eve? Film night with Riley.

Presents or Christmas breakfast? Presents!!

Roast potatoes or mashed? Roastiessss.

Card games or tv specials? Tv specials!

Bought all your presents? YES! Finally.

Watched a Christmas movie? Lots. Currently watch Rudolf the red nose reindeer 1998.

Wore a Christmas jumper? Too many times.

Had a night out? Nope!

Eaten Christmas food? Hmmm.. what haven’t I eaten.

Favourite part of Christmas? Opening presents.

Least favourite part of Christmas? Eating too much.

On the naughty or nice list? Naughty.

Favourite part of 2018 was? Riley reaching 2 years in remission!!!!

Wish for 2019? Our own house.

Most excited to give presents to? Riley definitely 🤫

Good most excited to eat? Christmas dinnnnner.

Favourite night of Christmas week? Christmas Eve obv.

Person most excited to see? Riley

Favourite thing to do on Christmas? Open presents with Riley and get fat!

🎄 Blogmas | Day 22 | 3 more days till Christmas. #blogmas

Can you believe it is only 3 more days until Christmas? I can’t!

I have so much wrapping to still do! I’ve not even wrapped half of Riley’s yet let alone my families. So think I will be definitely still wrapping Christmas Eve!!!

I won a photo shoot earlier this December so I picked to have a 3 generation photo shoot with me Riley and my mum. We had our hair and make up done too! Was so nice to have somebody else do my makeup for a change. Wish I would have done my own eyebrows though as the MUA artist only filled in my eyebrows but I prefer them to be popping!

We managed to get some lovely pictures though. Riley wanted to get them all but I didn’t want to be spending loadsssss!!

Have you finished wrapping yet? 🎁

🎄 Blogmas | Day 21 | Not long now until Santa comes #blogmas

Riley has finally broken up for Christmas! I feel like I can get into the Christina’s spirit now.

Does anybody else keep seeing toys and that for your kids at the shop and buying more and more? Please tell me I’m not the only one!🤦🏼‍♀️

Christmas came early for Riley today and my wonderful bestie and his little mates. Seeing all their faces light up and be excited for presents could put any scroogeeeeee in the mood for Christmas.

For any pink gin lover this Christmas I would have definitely recommend getting them a personalised sticker for the gin bottle! My friend loved hers! I got mine from eBay and came in no time! You can find some lovely personalised things on eBay for Christmas.

I’ve started wrapping little presents. I need to make a massive start this weekend or I’ll get to Christmas Eve and I’ll still be wrapping presents!

Going to get into the Christmas spirit but stuffing my face with a Chinese tonight with all the trimmings!!!

🎄 Blogmas | Day 17 | Celebrating Christmas with your dog. #blogmas

It’s our very first Christmas with Coco this year and we are so excited!

She has her own stocking which is already filled with lots of presents from Santa Paws.

At the start of December we took Coco too see Santa Paws for the first time at Dogs Trust and she absolutely loved it! Seeing all the other dogs excited too to see Santa was so heart warming, how many owners wanted to get their dogs involved and get them into the Christmas spirit too was wonderful.

I think especially when Christmas for some people is all about been with family and friends you have to get your dog involved too. After all a dog isn’t just for Christmas. They are your family too. Coco is my little baby, she’s my daughter. Lol!!!!

I am honestly looking forward to seeing Riley and Coco this year on Christmas morning opening presents together. They have this special bond and it’s just amazing to see how much a dog can care about a little boy.

Sometimes I wonder if she knows what he’s been though with cancer, I have read online before that dogs are meant to have this instinct that they know when somebody has been poorly and dogs are meant to be really good therapy for children that have disabilities or are and have been poorly.

And of course Coco will be having Christmas dinner with us too. Chicken, carrots, sprouts, roast potatoes she loves it all! She will most definitely be having a few pigs in blankets too! It is Christmas after all.

I hope you all too will be involving your dogs this Christmas, they deserves presents too. After all they give us the greatest love we could ever know everyday.

Here’s just a few ideasv of things I would suggest getting your dog for Christmas.

  • Dog friendly treats.
  • New toys – something Christmas related.
  • Advent calendar.
  • New blanket or bed.

I’ve even got Coco some Christmas Eve pjs and a Christmas dress to wear during Christmas. She loves dressing up.

🎄HAPPY BELATED BLOGMAS! #BLOGMAS2018 | First week of December.

It’s officially December and you know what that means…

That’s right, it’s offically the most wonderful time of the year. 

I LOVE christmas. Riley would listen to Christmas songs all year round if he could but he started listening to them at the start of October.

It’s our first blogmas this year! Let’s see what the madness is about aye?

Now I know I am already a week behind! 10 days in fact! Ops…

I have always loved watching vlogmas and so to actually partake this year is so exciting! I know sometimes it can be a struggle with doing it every day but I managed to our blog a day for childhood cancer awareness month.

Riley still have school for 2 more weeks and we have a lot of stuff planned so hopefully our blogs will be super detailed for you and super exciting. We will be posting as much as we can up until Christmas Day!!

So far we have enjoyed going to see Beauty and the beast pantomime. It was so funny, we’ve been to the carriageworks theatre 2 years in a row now and it’s always a great laugh with the family and Riley absolutely loves going.

We also went round the Christmas German market in Leeds and went on a few rides. Wherever there is rides there’s Riley! I must spend a fortune on rides.

Hope you all have a lovely day and an amazing Christmas,

Sophie and Riley xx