Dear Neighbour.

Dear Neighbour (who will not be named)

First of all I would like to apologise for even moving into my house as I feel like it was the wrong decision I have made for you.

You are making me feel very unhappy.

This is my first home and I feel like I have personally made it a happy home for my child to live in.

What you think might be a ‘sob’ story isn’t, but my child is in remission for cancer we spent a lot of time in hospital, we lived at my parents house until we moved in here. My child doesn’t need his mum to be stressed and upset because of the man that lives at the other side of them is trying his best to cause trouble for us.

All this is because I didn’t want you opening your gate onto mine. I know it’s silly that they open onto each other but you didn’t need to open your gates onto mine but you are still continuing to do so. I know you spoke to my dad about the gate situation but you actually never came and spoke to me about it when I’m the one that lives here not my dad.

I hate to think that your the kind of man that goes out of his way to make people feel very uphappy. I don’t talk to anybody in the street, I try and keep myself to myself and don’t think I have done anything wrong to cause you to hate me.

My parents park outside your house but they do not block your drive. I go to bed quite late and always check outside on my car before doing so and never have I seen a car blocking your driveway.

I don’t know if you have hate towards young parents or children i honestly don’t know but you are causing me a lot of upset. Why didn’t you just come to me and talk to me if somebody was blocking your driveway and you thought they were here? I can assure you nobody has visited my house for the past week. My parents and my child have been away for a few days and I’ve been on my own.

I don’t know anybody that owns a black ‘Ford Fiesta‘. I’m a very quiet person if you took the time to get to know me.

The reason I wanted this house was because it was a fresh start for me and my son. We’re close to a lot of his friends round here, close to my best friend and her children. This house is perfect for our first home we’re we wanted to make lots of memories but you are ruining it for us. Your making me feel like I don’t even want to come home. I feel really uncomfortable.

You are victimising me, singling me out and I don’t understand why.

Whilst you are happy making me feel miserable, enjoy your day.

Inside No 59.

Last Tuesday, 14th May I got the keys to my house. A lot has been done in the past week and lots more money has been spent!

Carpets ordered and paid for which are getting fitted tomorrow!! So exciting!

Rileys new bed has been delivered just needs to be built once the carpets are down.

Got a beautiful corner sofa ordered which will be delivered in 5 weeks hopefully!

Since my side gate was kicked in by stupid kids having nothing better to do my mum and dad bought and fitted my new one today! I had somebody dump a load of rubbish in my back garden on Friday night which pissed me off!!! So had to deal with that which was an absolute joke.

Me and my mum spent one afternoon just cleaning the outside of the front and back doors.

I spent one morning cleaning all the windows which were black! Honestly looked like they had never been opened before. Was shocking tbh. And then cleaned the inside of the front and back doors.

The decorator has been there everyday since I got the keys turning what was a blank white canvas into a beautiful colourful home!

I ordered and paid for blinds for the full house which were fitted on Monday! Honestly the blinds made the house look so much more like a house if that makes sense.

Today I’ve cleared the horrible gravel from my pathway. The gravel leaded right up to the front door. I didn’t want Riley to fall on it when it rained either so thought it was best to have a nice little path we could walk on.

The back garden needs a proper gut clean aswell now. The window frames need cleaning!

When the time comes where I’ve got abit more money behind me because atm I’m bloody skint! 😭 I’ll get my bed but right now that’s not something I need as I am taking the bed I have at my mums with me.

Most importantly everything is coming together now nicely!

Move in day Saturday…

New house, new memories and new beginnings.

So last week I got the news I had been waiting for for over a year now! I finally have a house!

I am so excited. I’ve been buying things for my house for a little under 6 months now! Every penny I have spare has gone towards things for our house.

Just me Riley and Coco and we are so excited.

Obviously this house is a council house. I know it might be a shock to some people and I know some people can be very judgemental when it comes to council houses but it’s not what they look like on the outside, it’s how they look on the inside and I already have so many beautiful ideas!

The house is currently in repairs due to the previous tenants trashing the house. Garden fence all needs replacing and a total new one putting in.

I can’t wait to put my own personal mark on the place and I’m looking forward to doing all the decorating more then anything!

Riley of course has asked for a superhero bedroom and with him been my very own superhero he is definitely having that! We have lots of toys to take with us so it’s finding space for them too again so that should be fun.

I will try and do weekly house updates as much as I can. I just hope the houses isn’t in repairs for too long as I’m toooo excited to move in!

Here is number 59!