Slimming World | First Weigh In This Year |#slimmingworld

This year I am definitely going to be sharing my Slimming World journey with you all, my meal plan each week and if the scales were good to me.

As I didn’t really eat slimming world friendly at all over Christmas and new year I have been dreading what the scales are going to say to me on a Friday.

But I’m going to be honest, I’m going to share pictures of my body etc because I think it will help motive myself and hopefully other people.

I want to be healthy for Riley, I want to feel good about myself. I don’t want people to look at me and think ‘she’s fat’ I don’t want my grandad telling me I’ve got three chins either – don’t worry he only jokes, I hope!

So every Friday I will be sharing a weekly slimming world blog post. I will let you know what the scales say and I will be totally honest!

Each Friday after group me and my friend also go to subway for lunch, its something we both look forward to each week! A footlong and a pack of cookies, its literally making my mouth water just thinking about the cookies right now.

So this week, I have lost 1.5lbs!

Quite happy with that tbh, since I went out for tea on Tuesday and had a Pizza Hut so yeah I am happy with that little loss! But I obviously know I would have lost more if I wouldn’t have had the Pizza Hut. Oh and the few little chocolates I’ve been pinching out my box on a night.

So next week I’m going to aim for… 3pounds!!!!! Do you think I’ll be able to do it?

Going to be doing my meal plan for next week tonight and plan some really speedy meals!

Having pizza for tea tonight for my little treat for the weekend!

Have a great Friday guys! x x x x

🍓🍏 Slimming World – Week One

So last week I joined slimming world for the second time & last time.

I knew I had to do a plan I knew I was going to stick too! So I did a meal plan for 6 days, including snacks!!

I measured out my milk everyday. 300ml of 1% fat milk I could have every day. I even measured out the salad cream I was having with my salads etc.

I wanted to loose as much as I could in my first week and I did push myself to do that! I wanted to prove that I could do it!

I stuck to doing SP days! Only allowing myself to eat nothing but speed food. So anything that had a S symbol next to them I had!

I wrote a list of food that I love off the speed food. Lettuce, cucumber, carrot, spinach, strawberries, apples, watermelon, broccoli and cauliflower!

I was having either 2 x hifi bars or weetabix for breakfast, salad for my dinner or a sandwich and slimming world meals for my tea on a night with vegetables. Afterwards I was having all the speed fruit!!

I was absolutely dreading getting on the scales this morning at my group! I was so nervous! I felt sick! I didn’t want to go!

I stood on the scales and I lost…


6 bloody pounds!!! I could not believe it!!

Me loosing 6 pounds in one week? I actually did it! I smashed my first week doing slimming world and I couldn’t be anymore proud of myself!!!

I’m going to be honest and write a blog every week and tell you all how I’m getting on. Becoming healthier and happier! Becoming more confident! Better life for me means a better mummy for Riley!