🎗CCAM. Last day of september

Today is the last day of September which means it is the end of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month too…

Well it’s the end for you. But it will never be the end for me and many more oncology parents out there.

🎗 We raise awareness everyday! 🎗

Next time you see a post on facebook, twitter, instagram please just take 2 minutes to read.

Please make sure you know the sign and the symptoms of Childhood Cancer.

Always kiss your child goodnight.

Riley, I love you. You are so strong, so brave and a fighter. You make me so proud.

Hope, dream, believe. 🎗

🎗 CCAM. 3 Years in remission.

I can’t say I can’t believe Riley has reached 3 years in remission but I can believe it!

He was so brave for 16 months during his cancer treatment and did most of it with a smile on his face. You absolutely deserve it Riley you honestly do.

I know we are one of the lucky ones. I’m so so so proud of him and everything he has achieved since finishing treatment.

Here is too the next two years Riley let’s reach 5 years in remission and kick cancer but altogether!

I love you so much ❤️

🎗CCAM. I didn’t think, cancer.

Even when Riley wasn’t eating and sleeping a lot, I didn’t think cancer.

When I was taking Riley to the doctors for 3 weeks in a row, i didn’t think cancer.

When me and my mum took him to the emergency doctors, we didn’t think cancer.

When Rileys eye was swollen, we didn’t think cancer.

When we was sitting in the A&E with Riley waiting to see the doctor, we didn’t think cancer.

When Riley spent 3 days in the hospital on antibiotics and fluids, i didn’t think cancer.

When Riley had a eye test and got sent to the hospital for a CT scan, i didn’t think cancer.

When I was sitting in a room with Riley on my knee been told that they had found a lump on the CT scan, I didn’t think cancer.

When Riley had test after test after test, I didn’t think cancer.

Until it was…

When we were sat in a room meeting the oncologist team and nurses, I didn’t want it to be cancer.

When Riley was having an anaesthetic for the first time, I didn’t want it to be cancer.

When Riley was having a Hickman line placed into his chest, I didn’t want it to be cancer.

When we were admitted onto the children’s oncology ward, I didn’t want it to be cancer.

When you notice all the bald children on the ward and wonder why your child is there, I didn’t want it to be cancer.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Please educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of Childhood Cancer!

#gogold #ccam #glowgold 🎗

My Dog Grooming Nightmare. Spruce Ya Pooch Leeds 🐶

Never would I have thought my dog would have had her own little Dog Grooming nightmare like she did…

Back in January this year, I couldn’t get Coco booked into her usual Groomers as she gets really busy and booked up quickly as she’s popular. So I booked in with a Mobile Dog Groomers named Spruce Ya Pooch.

I was honest and told them Coco was slightly matted and needed cutting as soon as possible and they did get me booked in quite quick.

The groomers were friendly enough and polite BUT what they did to my Coco isn’t normal…

Coco was left bald! They had literally skinned my princess. They had shaved her ALL OVER! Grade 1 all over her body. Her fluffy tail, gone. Her long fluffy ears, gone. She was one a Shih Tzu now looked like a PUG!

As I said she was matted in places but they didn’t even try and take the nots out. I left coco with them all fluffy whilst I went to make them a drink and when I came back to the van they had started shaving her. It was too late to say anything, too late to tell them to stop. My baby’s fur had mostly gone! Dropped to the van floor like a tree in winter loosing its leaves.

I decided to leave them too it and go into the house to my mum where we watched them from her bedroom window and we realised straight away they never shut their van doors once, they didn’t even attached her to a lead she could have run off as they did totally let go of her at one point. If she’d had run off she’d have probably come running back to the house with embarrassment poor girl.

Once they’d finished they brought her back to me I said thank and paid them £35! £35 and they had skinned my dog! £35 for them to remove all her features! £35 for them to leave her furless! They told me her fur would be back again in 6-8 weeks. They asked me to write a review on their Facebook page which I said I would but I decided to give it 6-8 weeks and see what Coco’s hair was like by then.

I knew there and then what I wouldn’t be using them again or recommending them to anybody…

I was honestly left heartbroken, ashamed they’d done this to my baby. I felt embarrassed for her! I knew people would look and make comments when we went for walks. Even Coco looked upset she was in a mood and didn’t want any cuddles or kisses from anybody.

After they had left me and my mum were talking and I soon noticed there was blood on the floor. Coco looked so unsettled I knew something was wrong. I picked her up and checked her all over and realised she was cut in several places, she was bleeding badly from her paw, she had been cut on her neck and a little on her belly. 20 minutes I was holding a paper towel on her paw for before it finally stopped, that’s not normal! I messaged them and told them to which they did come back and have a look and told me they’d already put powder on her to stop the bleeding, the didn’t tell me that when they gave her back to me!

After talking with my mum I decided to go out and buy Coco a coat as it was cold in January and I knew for a fact she was going to be freezing on walks, I used to walk her quite last. I went and got her a coat her normal size, medium. Was massive on her. Went back and got a small, too big again, got an extra small. Lovely fit.

Took her for a walk that evening with her harness and coat on. She refused to walk! I had to carry her. Got to end of street and put her down and she ran home!! She didn’t eat, she didn’t want to walk, she didn’t want snuggles or wet nose kisses, she just wasn’t herself. What had they done to her and why?!

I did look at pictures and reviews before booking with Spruce Ya Pooch and they did a shih tzu which looks so cute and that’s why I booked with them. I didn’t know they would do this to my dog. They skinned her, left her with no fur coat, intact her skin was prickly like when a man has his hair cut in grade1.

Coco when from looking like a shih tzu to now looking like a pug.

Looking at pictures on their Facebook page it looks like their still skinning dogs and leaving them with no fur still! They’re butchering them!!

It took until April for Cocos hair to grow back fully. She now thankfully goes to her normal groomers and looks to her normal beautiful self.

It’s absolutely shameful what they did to my dog. I finally wrote a review for their Facebook page in March. 7 weeks after Coco was groomed by them to which I had NO reply up until a couple of days ago where I wrote a comment on one of their pictures of a dog that they had skinned and left with hardly any fur again.

I got a reply, they were rude and really unprofessional. They made threats to come to my mums house and sort this out like adults to which my mum asked them not too and they called her a clown. Is that professional? They even lied and said they had never groomed my dog and never will and told me to go friend some friends. I posted pictures of Coco which was on their Facebook page to which they then realised and said she was a mess and they could have reported me for neglect!

I put screen shots of what they had said to me on my Facebook to which people agreed with me and wrote reviews telling people how unprofessional they were and shouldn’t own a business.

I have been intouch with the British Dog Grooming Association and Spruce Ya Pooch aren’t actually registered with them! Surly that is bad?

I have recently reported them to the RSPCA and hopefully an officer will be intouch with me soon. If they still let them continue to groom I hope they offer them some proper grooming training and advice and they stop skinning dogs!

I wouldn’t wish this on anybody’s dog!

A word of warning always check more then reviews on Facebook, internet etc. Always check bad reviews too!

Inside No 59.

Last Tuesday, 14th May I got the keys to my house. A lot has been done in the past week and lots more money has been spent!

Carpets ordered and paid for which are getting fitted tomorrow!! So exciting!

Rileys new bed has been delivered just needs to be built once the carpets are down.

Got a beautiful corner sofa ordered which will be delivered in 5 weeks hopefully!

Since my side gate was kicked in by stupid kids having nothing better to do my mum and dad bought and fitted my new one today! I had somebody dump a load of rubbish in my back garden on Friday night which pissed me off!!! So had to deal with that which was an absolute joke.

Me and my mum spent one afternoon just cleaning the outside of the front and back doors.

I spent one morning cleaning all the windows which were black! Honestly looked like they had never been opened before. Was shocking tbh. And then cleaned the inside of the front and back doors.

The decorator has been there everyday since I got the keys turning what was a blank white canvas into a beautiful colourful home!

I ordered and paid for blinds for the full house which were fitted on Monday! Honestly the blinds made the house look so much more like a house if that makes sense.

Today I’ve cleared the horrible gravel from my pathway. The gravel leaded right up to the front door. I didn’t want Riley to fall on it when it rained either so thought it was best to have a nice little path we could walk on.

The back garden needs a proper gut clean aswell now. The window frames need cleaning!

When the time comes where I’ve got abit more money behind me because atm I’m bloody skint! 😭 I’ll get my bed but right now that’s not something I need as I am taking the bed I have at my mums with me.

Most importantly everything is coming together now nicely!

Move in day Saturday…