🎗 CCAM. Hickman Line.

Riley had a Hickman line. This was the one thing that scared me when Riley was diagnosed. I was scared to even pick him up because I was worried I was gonna pull it out! It wasn’t something I was used to seeing this white line coming out my sons skin on his chest!

We’ve had some funny moments with Riley and he’s hickmen lines too… a story that my mum will never find funny, she was looking after Riley at hospital one evening so I could go home and have a bath, well not long after getting home she rung me, Riley had fallen out of bed and his Hickman line had snapped and broke. When I got back to the hospital Riley was laughing, he was running around saying he was a “cheeky monkey” I couldn’t believe it! 😂😂 another line was put in. Mr tumble now has Rileys Hickman line.

Another time, maybe not so funny… the nurse came to check Rileys Hickman line before having a some treatment, started giving his line a flush it just popped! Again another line was put back in.

Riley now has a beautiful little scar on his chest where his line used to be. It’s beautiful because that line helped Riley get all of his treatments, the treatments that got him where he is today! A roblox obsessed cheeky little man!