First Day Back To School 2019 | January ✨

Riley went back to school yesterday!

I actually set my alarm early to get up and ready before waking Riley up so I was verrrrry organised this morning which is one of my new year resolutions!

I woke him up and told him it was time to go back to school and he burst into tears, saying he didn’t want to leave me. Actually made me abit upset tbh. He gets so used to been at home with me and coco when school breaks up for holidays.

Once we got to school and he saw his friends he was obviously fine.

He managed to have a good day and even did PE outside for a while.

As he was so good his Auntie Alice treated us to Pizza Hut for tea which is his favourite! Who’s favourite tea isn’t pizza!

With me doing slimming world I got a flat bread pizza with lots of salad and it was lovely! Counting my syns for the next two days with that. So I will see what the scales say to me on Friday…. wish me luck!

So its back to the school runs, back to making small talk with the mummies. Haha.

x x x x

Is your friendship over?

How and when do you decide when a ‘friendship’ is over?

Sometimes when ‘friends’ fade away or change it can be hard to accept but deciding when a ‘friendship’ is over is a step to letting go. There can be many situations when you should let your ‘friendship’ die, thee is also ways to fix your ‘friendship’ is you choose to do so. You have to think carefully about the decision to end your ‘friendship’.

Firstly do you even like your ‘friend’?

Sometimes you will find yourself going in different directions to your ‘friend’ and find out you actually have little in common but still find yourself calling that them your ‘friend’. Honestly if you feel like your making all the effort and not getting anything back from your friend it’s probably time to accept that the ‘friendship’ is dead. Do you care about your ‘friend’ still? Do they care about you? How important is your ‘friendship’ exactly?

How often do you have arguments with your ‘friend’?

Do you keep having massive arguments and total misunderstanding? Do you feel disappointed in them? Do they feel this way too? If so you should decide to end the ‘friendship’. Friends aren’t always going to get along but you should be able to know you can both see eye to eye most of the time!

Do not stick with hurtful friends!!!

If your ‘friend’ is constantly talking about you behind your back or worse to your face it definitely is time to end the friendship! Your ‘friends’ should care for you, love you and want nothing but the best for you! They should definitely respect you! I know deciding to end a ‘friendship’ can be extremely hard though. If you see them bad mouthing your name on social media you should definitely not be ‘friends’. Just ask yourself, If your ‘friend’ is talking about you behind your back, are they sharing your secrets?

Are you important to each other?

If your both not making time to see each other and only communicate when your making the first move to contact them first I think you can safely say it’s time to end the ‘friendship’. ‘Friends’ should make each other a priority. Maybe it’s time to think of them as an acquaintance rather then an actual ‘friend’.

Are they always talking about themselves?

Does your ‘friend’ think they’re the Center of the world? Do they always talk about themselves? Do they ever ask about your day or if your okay when you actually do spend time together? Have they actually apologised for anything they’ve done? They probably don’t value your ‘friendship’. Make the right choice and end the ‘friendship’.

You Constantly Have Awkward Conversation?

Unfortunately when you can no longer hold a conversation with your friend that’s a sign that the friendship is coming too an end. Even if you do have something to talk about is there a sense of awkwardness? Do you even have heart to hearts anymore?

Are they around for important milestones in your life?

A good friend should be like family, they will take time to share the most important times in your life, whether they are happy or sad! If your friend no longer makes time to be there for you then you are probably not going to be friends for much longer!

Do you disagree with your friend choices in life?

As we get older you take on more responsibility. You start thinking about a family, having a house, driving, maybe a mortgage and start fending for your family. With doing this you have to make changes in your life! You can’t always hang out with your friends. You can’t always go out on a weekend drinking until 4 in the morning. If your friend can’t accept this then it’s a sign the friendship is over.

Do you still hang out?

This is probably the best way to see if your friendship is fading away! Has it been weeks/months since you last saw each other? Maybe you’ve just gotten too busy and not had the time? Whatever, neither of you go out of your way to make time for each other and plans to hang out.

You have separate groups of friends

Friends usually grow apart when they have a separate group of friends. This could be as a result of your lives not as interesting as they used to. You will usually notice that your mutual friends are reducing and you two barely know each other’s new friends.

What is a true friend?

What is a true friend because honestly I don’t have a clue anymore! I could swear I’m so angry lately about this! It has really got to me these past couple of weeks and I’m ready to burst

How can somebody be there for us when Riley was going through his cancer treatment and then just treat me like a piece of dirt on their shoe. But tbh even when I think back all they did was come to the hospital once or twice…

Over the past few days I’ve sat here in my own mind thinking what the hell is a true friend? Surely they don’t lie to you? Hurt your feelings? Not listen to you when you try telling them things? Makes you feel down? Makes you doubt your not actually good enough?

I’m pretty sure a true friend doesn’t ask where I am? What I’m doing? Doesn’t ask how I even am?

I get to the point where I no longer want to go online on facebook to be asked twenty questions.

How can I say they’re my best friend when they don’t even ask me how I am? Yet when they ring me it’s the first thing they ask me then all they do is talk about themselves and have a moan. Like is that all in good for? How can I say they’re my best friend when they have totally pushed me to one side because in their eyes somebody better has come along. Yet they moan about them too me? What even is that? What them two people have done to me when they have been together has been awful, it’s been upsetting and it’s made me angry.

I’ve been made to feel like I’m been stalked. Like I can’t go out because somebody who knows them are feeding back information too her.

How can they not ask me how I am? If they was there for me like they make out to be they’d ask me how I am right?

I’m seem to be the person people take things out on lately. The person people just moan at when things don’t go there way. The person that gives the advice but when it comes to me needing somebody to be there they don’t want to know.

This is surely not a true friend?

Deep down I don’t know what a true friend is.

Don’t get me wrong I have people I can talk to online but it’s not the same is it, let’s face it.

I honestly feel like I’m not good enough, I’m not worth the time. I feel like they just don’t understand I have other priorities. I can’t leave my child to go out every weekend it’s just not fair on him or my parents.

I am so upset and so angry. My heart is raising in so annoyed. I can’t carry on like this. If I have no friends then so be it. I don’t need somebody like this is my life forever. I can’t. I don’t need the drama or the upset!

I need a true friend. Whatever that is.