🎗 Your heart. CCAM #ablogaday day11

Just being told your child has cancer your entire heart breaks.

Having to kiss your child goodbye as they are wheeled into theatre your entire heart breaks.

Having to hold him down as they try to take blood for the 4th time your entire heart breaks.

Holding a vomit bowl whilst rubbing his back as he throws up after another bunch of poison pumped into him your entire heart breaks.

Noticing his hair on his pillow your entire heart breaks.

Hearing of another child going to play with the angels your entire heart breaks.

Having him look up at you while he enjoys his fave food your heart starts to heal.

Hearing him laugh and seeing him smile your heart starts to heal.

Seeing him run around at home your heart starts to heal.

Hearing him say “I love you mummy” your heart starts to heal.

Cuddling up on sofa watching his fave programme your heart starts to heal.

The consultant saying “good news, scans are all clear!” your heart starts to heal.

Childhood cancer is not rare.

Its never the exact same story for every child. Each child takes a different path, each child’s cancer story has a different ending.

No cancer is the easy one, every one has the same effects, your entire heart breaks, your heart heals.

For some it never does heal but for every parent their heart will never beat the same again…

🎗When did I become aware? CCAM #ablogaday day7

When did I become aware of childhood cancer?

Friday 28th November 2014.

I will never forget the look on the doctors face when he told me “your son has cancer” words no one ever wants to here. Whilst most people would have been in the shops getting their Black Friday Deals I was sat in a room with Riley on my knee been told the worst news.

There are still times, in the middle of the night, first thing in the morning when I still can’t quite believe that my son was diagnosed with cancer!

I was also told that the chance of survival was only 40% which doesn’t seem a lot at all.

A lot of people don’t even know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Unless Childhood Cancer effects your family, its may not be something you would be aware of! Awareness can help families that are facing Childhood Cancer feel less alone. Raising awareness this month especially will help other families that haven’t been effected by Childhood Cancer be more aware of the signs and the symptoms. I know it might be scary to think your child having Cancer but wouldn’t you want to be aware? Wouldn’t you want to know what to look out for? I wish I would have known the sign and symptoms and what to look out for. Most Gps aren’t trained on Childhood Cancer and that shows with how many parents have had to take their child to the GP before ending up in hospital getting told the most awful news.

Honestly, if your a parent or carer, educate yourself on knowing the signs and symptoms of Childhood Cancer.

🎗A Film About Riley! CCAM #ablogaday #day3

As September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, Alice, Rileys Auntie decided to share her graduate archive film following Riley, her nephew on his cancer journey.
Riley was just 21 months old when we got the devastating news that he was going to have to face the biggest battle of his life. He was always the happiest little chappy playing at home and suddenly his world was turned upside down and the hospital ward became his new home.
He never once let this stop him though and he continued to battle on. Treatment after treatment and the way he was improving was like he was becoming his own little superhero, his spirit and determination to fight cancer was an inspiration to everyone that met him.
Eventhough he had troll accounts on twitter use his image and say “Cancer is funny because people like Riley Hoult die” the amount of support he gained from celebrities, strangers and friends and family alike was unbelieveable.
Don’t get me wrong there were also days when it was difficult to see Riley however seeing his smile and hearing his laugh was enough to pull everyone through it.
He was so unaware of the battle he was fighting and with the treatment of the hospital and the support of all the NHS staff he pulled through and beat cancer.
He’s over 2 years in remission for Neuroblastoma cancer now and Alice considers herself to be very lucky that she get to see her best friend everyday, to hear him laugh and make him smile. But, sadly, there are still children being diagnosed every day with some form of childhood cancer, but I hope that Riley’s journey and this film might bring a little bit of inspiration or hope to a family that needs it most.
Nobody should ever have to hear the news that a loved one has cancer, but together we can beat cancer!

Please click the link before to see Rileys Film.

Rileys Film