My 2019 Goals | 10 New Year Resolutions.

Happy new year guys!

So the first goal I have set myself this year and I think it’s important to keep this as a goal and keep me motivated, always finds the positives. Always remember to be happy, kind and grateful.

Number two I’m going to try and get organised! I’m going to get a calendar and write when certain things are happenings and not just birthdays! Going to set my alarm to get up earlier then Riley so I can get ready before he has too. Then I can actually have a cup of coffee on a morning instead of nothing. Being organised is being in control.

Number three, manage money! I need to start been sensible with my money, I seem to send it on stupid things that we don’t even need and then I’m left skint. since I’m currently a smoker, I’m going to try my hardest to stop because I worked out I’m spending £74 a month on cigarettes! I could save that and put it towards something else or put it away into a savings account. Obviously I’m hoping to also get our own house this year so the more money I can save the better. Also before I go out anywhere shopping I’m actually going to take a list, if I have a list I know what I need and what I don’t need. I’m also going to plan where to go where I can save a little bit of money even if it’s a pound or 50p saving penny’s turns into pounds. Also if I’m doing a food shop I’m going to order it online to then collect at the drive through then I won’t be going to the store and buying stuff that we don’t actually need..

Next, be more adventurous! I’m going to make slot of effort this year to push myself to go out more and have more fun! Going to try and say yes to a lot of things! Yes yes yes!

Number five, make time for people, I’m going to give people a lot of effort time and love this year, especially those that give me that too. Even just sending a little text. I think if we can make people feel good about themselves we will feel good about ourself!

Nearly there, number six! Eating healthy and exercise. Obviously with me doing slimming world I should be eating healthy anyways but over the past couple of weeks I’ve been eating and eating and eating… I’m going to plan ahead and do a meal plan for both me and Riley so I know what I’m having day by day. For exercise, I’m going to aim to take Coco out 3 to 4 times a day each time around the estate we live in which takes 20 minutes. Healthy body, healthy mind!

Number seven, stop smoking!!! I am definitely going to try and stop smoking, the amount of money I could save would help us so much. I don’t want to be out of breathe when I just walk up the stairs. I don’t want to be smelling of smoke. I don’t want to be chocking laughing my guts up either when I have a proper smokers cough! Plus it’s not good for me, or my lungs! I want to add years to my life.

Number eight, family time, make more memories and take lots of pictures! Days out, movies nights, taking random silly selfies I’m going to do it all this year! If Riley wants to go to the park we will go to the park, Riley wants a sleep over with me, we will have a sleep over. These are the moments and memories that mean the most to me, been around family and the people I love the most.

Next, mind, less over thinking and keep my mind busy and focused. Last year I was such an over thinker, it actually made me quite paranoid and I made myself anxious. Definitely less over thinking and staying more focused!!

Finally… number 10, spend less time scrolling, I’m going to start to watch and follow more positive people and inspirational people. Stop scrolling on a morning, get up out of bed and get something done.

So they are my 10 goals/resolutions for 2019. I am really hoping I stick to them this year. Wish me luck.

🎗 None of us were cancer parents at one point. CCAM #ablogaday day17


It has been said that you don’t need to put your hand in a fire to know it will hurt. Just as you can pretty much assume that you don’t have to have your child get cancer to empathise and know it would literally be the most heartbreaking thing you’ll ever experience.

There’s this pain you get, physical pain in your stomach. It’s like a knot. A sick feeling that you can’t get rid off. It starts when you hear the word ‘cancer’ and honestly it never leaves you.

When you have kids, they are your entire world. The thought of them having cancer and suffering is heartbreaking to most. 1 in 285 children will get it. It’s not as rare of doctors make out.

Inaction, is not action! Nobody has ever changed anything by doing nothing or sitting back and letting others do the graft! As a parent, it’s our job to advocate. It’s our job to be a voice for our children.

I hope if you read my blog, you think about them. I hope you know I am not doing this for myself but for others yet to embark on this shitstorm of a journey!

It’s too late for me, my child has already had the horrible treatment currently been other to children. Some chemotherapy drugs are 50 years old. Many treatment protocols haven’t changed for years! 11 children are still diagnosed with cancer a day. Statistically 2 of those will die.

It’s 2018! This is not acceptable!

Maybe we can make a change for your children though? Maybe our voices shouting for a change can bring kinder treatments ones that won’t potentially kill them would be a start!

Doing nothing… changes nothing!

Awareness is key!

Tomorrow it might be you sitting in A&E with your child hearing the words ‘your child has cancer’.

None of us was cancer parents at one point you know…