Coco’s First Competition🏆

Today we took Coco to our local Dog Show where they were doing lots of different competitions.

I entered Coco into 4 different categories which I thought she had a good chance of winning! Waggliest Tail, Prettiest Bitch, Biggest Smile & Kids Cuddliest Companion.

Kids Cuddliest Companion was first. Riley didn’t want to cuddle her so obviously I had to do my best to make Coco have cuddles the best I could! Unfortunately she didn’t win…

Next up was Waggliest Tail! It’s hard to get your dog to wag their tail on demand! Even a lot of attention Coco didn’t want to wag wag wag! Any loss!

After any category and a rest for Coco it was time for Prettiest Bitch!

If Coco was going to win any of come close I wanted it to be this one!

I gave Coco lots of cuddles and kisses and she sat and looked absolutely gorgeous along with all the other beautiful bitches! Time for the results!🤭

Coco came third!! She looked so happy too with her result!! Smiling away with all the other beautiful winners! I was extremely happy too!!!🥉🥉🥉

We missed the Biggest Smile because we was having a drink! Never mind! We already can’t wait for the next dog show!


Introuducing 4 feet 🐾

So me & Riley extended our family and welcomed 4 feet… Introducing Coco.

On the 2nd of January we brought home a beautiful Shih Tzu Coco. We used to have a West Island White Terrier called Mollie but she died just short of 4 years ago. Riley has been asking for a baby sister for some time now, he got a crybaby for christmas from Santa and still asked. I have been wanting to get him a dog for some time now as when he was going through his cancer treatment our Macmillan nurse said dogs are meant to be very therapeutic for cancer patients.

She’s been here nearly 2 weeks now and it feels like shes always been here. Riley adores her and loves chasing her around. He took some getting used to her been here and getting some attention but he loves her & is currently treating her like a baby carrying her around and putting her into bed with a blanket.

I know Riley and Coco are going to be the best of friends. Shes only just turned 10 weeks so she still needs to have her second lot of injections and at 14 weeks we will be able to take her for her first walk outside. We cant wait!!! 

So welcome to the family Coco Marshmallow Twinkletoes Hoult 🐾