Slimming World | Week 5 | February.

It’s the first weigh in of February this week! February is a hard month for me as I have so much going on it tends to be harder to diet when I’m busy.

I have my mums birthday and planned meals out, rileys party and birthday all in the same week so that makes my diet even harder!

Sooooooo… I have tried my best this week to get that bigger weight loss!

I’ve been having my healthy A choices and B choice.

I’ve really enjoyed having my B choice as a weightwatchers wrap with chicken and salad for dinner. It’s different from a boring sandwich!

I’ve also up’t my exercise aswell this week! I’ve been taking Coco round our block – round the housing easte – twice each time I have taken her for a walk. It’s really helped and given me such a bought I think.

I’ve been having a few slimming world meals too. I did go out for a meal with Riley and my sister on Monday at Frankies and Bennies but I got a lovely chicken salad with no dressing so the syns value didn’t work out that high at all.

I also didn’t have a takeaway last Friday either so saved a lot of my syns not having that which worked out better.

So last week I gained 1.5lbs.


This week,

I LOST 4.5lbs!!!!!

Oh my god!

I am so pleased with myself.

So proud too!

Bloody damn well deserve it after all my effort this week.

I can’t wait to see what I do next week. Definitely going to plan ahead and keep on track with my exercise!

Slimming World | Week Four | #SlimmingWorld

Okay so last week I lost a lovely 2 pounds!!! Yeeey I was so happy and definitely planned for another loss this week too but, how I failed this week…

So I bought more slimming world meals on the Saturday morning, ready for my week ahead I knew what I was having. But, Riley started to feel unwell in the afternoon. He was sick, then the diarrhoea started. After he was sick he felt better but he was sleeping a lot that afternoon so I still decided I was going to go out for a meal and cinema like I’d planned.

I went to go to Glass! Wouldn’t waste your time btw.

As soon as I got home I went to check in Riley, as I always do. Riley had had an accident in his sleep, the smell was terrible! After changing his bed and giving him a wash. I was awake most the night, humming and aaarrring weather or not to ring 111 and get some advice. I decided to sleep on it and ring them in the morning…

The Sunday morning he wasn’t much better. He wasn’t eating only drinking, the sickness and diarrhoea was still there and he looked so pale. I decided to ring 111 and get advice. They told me to get to the hospital A&E within the hour. Obviously I was emotionally eating! My sister bless her brought me food to keep me going but because I was tired I just wanted to say rubbish so I did.

Turned out Riley had a terrible bug. Didn’t send him to school Monday and Tuesday. So I carried on eating rubbish followed by more rubbish and more rubbish! Sugar drinks the lot. Anything to keep my energy up because I was just so tired!

Wednesday I didn’t feel that great I was light headed so more sugar drinks and chocolate was my only answer.

Then Thursday I was blessed with my star week. So as you can imagine I’ve had a rubbish week. Urgh.

Sooooooooo… this week the scales said… I had put 1.5lbs ON!

Which I was expecting.

This week I’m going to try my best to get that off and a little more! I’m going to plan ahead. Plan my meals. Plan my snacks. Plan everything I can! I’m going to really push myself.

Wish me luck!!

Slimming World | Week Two | January

If you saw my previous slimming world post you will know that I am sharing my weight loss journey with you this year. Each week hoping the scales will be good to me!!!

I’ve really tried to up my speed food this week by making sure I’m snacking on speed fruits when I’m hungry. Late night snacking has been a thing for me this week.. I’m starving at 11pm before I head to bed so I’ve either been saving my bchoice and having a sandwich or making sure I’m having an apple and an orange.

I think I was actually quite good this weekend too. Didn’t really have all my syns like I would have.

It’s been even harder this week for me because Riley has to have a full fat diet now. I was told by his oncologist to give him deserts after his tea too so I went out and bought lots of little cakes and buns for him to have after his tea. Making them for him has been hard.. I’ve had a little nibble here and there but obviously I’ve wanted to eat the full thing!!! The things we do to be a size 10 urgh.

So last week I lost 1.5lbs! Wasn’t as much as I wanted but it was a loss!

This week I really wanted to loose 3lbs!!

But I lost a shitty half a pound!!

I’m fumming and I’m really not happy!

I guess it’s still a loss though and not a gain.


🍓🍏 Slimming World – Week One

So last week I joined slimming world for the second time & last time.

I knew I had to do a plan I knew I was going to stick too! So I did a meal plan for 6 days, including snacks!!

I measured out my milk everyday. 300ml of 1% fat milk I could have every day. I even measured out the salad cream I was having with my salads etc.

I wanted to loose as much as I could in my first week and I did push myself to do that! I wanted to prove that I could do it!

I stuck to doing SP days! Only allowing myself to eat nothing but speed food. So anything that had a S symbol next to them I had!

I wrote a list of food that I love off the speed food. Lettuce, cucumber, carrot, spinach, strawberries, apples, watermelon, broccoli and cauliflower!

I was having either 2 x hifi bars or weetabix for breakfast, salad for my dinner or a sandwich and slimming world meals for my tea on a night with vegetables. Afterwards I was having all the speed fruit!!

I was absolutely dreading getting on the scales this morning at my group! I was so nervous! I felt sick! I didn’t want to go!

I stood on the scales and I lost…


6 bloody pounds!!! I could not believe it!!

Me loosing 6 pounds in one week? I actually did it! I smashed my first week doing slimming world and I couldn’t be anymore proud of myself!!!

I’m going to be honest and write a blog every week and tell you all how I’m getting on. Becoming healthier and happier! Becoming more confident! Better life for me means a better mummy for Riley!